The Enioanatomy of Chakras

Book 14. In English language. Published in 2013. 320 pages. ISBN 978-80-970284-6-6
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For the most part the enioanatomical information on chakras presented in the book has never been published before. The book for the first time describes in enioanatomical terms petals, chakra cones, chakras, their structural and functional states, dynamic, static, and static-dynamic modes of functioning, and functional activity of fully open, optimally open, semi-open, slightly open, partially open, and closed chakra bases in passive-functional, passive-sustaining, passive-monitoring, and passive-neutral modes. It explains the processes involved in the linear movement, as well as the clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of energy-informational substances above the chakra cone base and the reasons why a chakra cone or a chakra itself cannot rotate. The book then proceeds to present the enioanatomical characteristics exhibited by primary, vital, and function-sustaining chakras, as well as the classification of chakras and their individual cones. Primary chakras are described with reference to their respective enioanatomical standards, hypotrophy, hypertrophy, and a variety of specific features. The present volume describes a range of techniques applicable to effective development of chakras and emphasizes the practical significance a chakra energy-informational base has for one's development, as well as the improvement of one's bodies, attributes, characteristics, abilities, spirituality, PSI faculties, the ability to heal, regenerate, and much more.

The monograph will be especially useful to people who have mastered PSI faculties and PSI-based healing, to professionals in all eniological disciplines engaged in human research, namely enioanatomy, eniophysiology, eniomedicine, eniopsychology, eniopedagogy, enio-spiritual education, training, and development, and to physicians, healers, psychologists, practitioners of psychotronics and parapsychology, spiritual teachers, pedagogues, educators, trainers, theologians, and individuals working towards the development of their subtle bodies, spirituality, and PSI faculties.

The monograph facilitates the teaching and study of new facts regarding primary, vital, and function-sustaining chakras, i.e.:

• the structure, inner architecture, and functions of chakra cones in the process of their being permeated by subtler subtle bodies, while reproducing their forms and inner architecture, as well as forming new, identical chakra cones;

• the interdependence, balance, and accord between component chakra cones in achromatic, bicomponent, and polycomponent chakra cones of each chakra;

• the interdependence, balance, and accord of forms, structures, inner architecture, density, and functions between basic, identical, and component chakra cones of each chakra;

• the way in which changes occurring in a single structure-functional mode of a specific chakra cone affect the structure-functional modes of other chakra cones and chakras;

• specific chakra cones and their participation in forming the energy-informational basis for the development of particular PSI faculties;

• the way in which the informational content of special vital energy-informational bioplasms of chakra cones constituting vital chakras affects the development of one's organs and organism systems, as well as their functions, functional potential, and viability;

• the significance of red, bright red, orange, bright orange, yellow, green, bright green, azure blue, turquoise blue, blue, lilac blue, violet, pink, white, and gold specific vital energy-informational bioplasms of chakra cones constituting function-sustaining chakras for the development, functioning, and viability of sub-ultra, ultra, and microstructures of organs' cells, tissue, and structure-functional units;

• the structural and functional changes, pathologies, and diseases caused by inadequately developed and structurally damaged chakra cones constituting function-sustaining chakras;

• the structure-functional states and functioning modes of chakra cones constituting function-sustaining chakras vulnerable to and resulting in mutations of organelles and cells.

On the whole, the monograph presents enioanatomical information which is relevant to the universal development of chakras and subtle bodies, to the integration of upbringing, education, development, healing, and regeneration, to the practical implementation of highly spiritual and PSI development, and to the attainment of absolute health, longevity, harmony, and a life free of pain, suffering, and crisis.

Author: Vasilchuk Anatoliy Leonidovitch

• Associate professor in anatomy

• Doctor of Pedagogy

• Master of Psychotronics and Biomagnetology

• Eniopsychologist

• National healer of the Ukraine

• Master of Sport of the Ukraine

• Author of 20 monographs, 9 inventions, and 521 scientific papers (data from November 2017),

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